Look Book 1

One thing I live and work for is looking and feeling good. Remember those high school tired phrases like “looking spick and span”? Yeah! That’s how I wanna look all the time. I’m the kind of person who only get interested in an outfit when I see how it looks on someone. Therefore, I have decided to share my Look Book 1( majorly from my recent photo shoot) just to inspire and help people who shop like me.

usually I ain’t a fan of suits but on this shoot I wanted something different and catchy. I think the pink suit worked out fine.

In the last look, I paired a white pant and a black top. The pant comes as a suit but I preferred to break it.

Got both from ODD and BOLD. It’s at Star Mall along Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi. The hat was from Mr. Price on Moi Avenue

Special thanks to my photographer Brenda Mulama. She is super passionate.

Thank you for passing by. Your feedback is highly welcome.

For the fashion enthusiasts, until the next Look book, see you.

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The blog is about celebrating life in it's rawest sense. A place to share the joys, the pains and our little, painful uncomfortable experiences. Basically, a place to pour out.

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