Covid-19: Why staying home need not be boring

Image: CDC/Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

I longed for such a time. A time to idle and just be free. A time to reconnect with family. School, work and wifely duties were taking a toll on me. Thoroughly.  I finally have the chance, thanks to the work-from-home directive in the wake of the confirmation of the new coronavirus in Kenya. But I don’t like this uncertainty, this lack of freedom. It’s suffocating!!

Do you feel the same way about the situation, bored to death by having to stay at home until God-knows-when? Well, over the past few days, I have discovered that there is still something one can do to ease the Covid-19 tension.

A good read won’t disappoint

Grab a good book, curl yourself at the corner and get lost

Grab a good book, curl yourself on that corner couch and get lost. You will come out a better person. Trust me. Have you met those guys who know everything? From history to science to literature? This is how they know. They read widely. You want to have something to say when this quarantine is over and you are talking over your Jameson splashes. You will no longer be the dumb one. Shock them with something about Hitler and his Nazi party, or Camara Laye’s literary prowess.

Refresh your culinary skills

Search for that recipe you’ve always wished to rock in the kitchen. Try it.  If it fails, you have time to do it again and again. How will your chama members know that you are a win-win woman when you host them next? You don’t have to be a great cook, even Chef Ali started somewhere.

Talk it over with your significant other

The daily dawn-to-dusk work-life routine may have deprived you and your partner of the time to talk about the things you both cherish. Grab this chance to have candid talks with yours. You can build that house, buy that car, take your children to those good schools, or plan for your yet-to-come children. All in your thoughts and tongues. One day it will be a reality. Just maybe. 

A walk in the park

Or maybe take that walk in the woods (Karura is open) and reconnect with yourself, or yourselves. Just take a walk outdoors and enjoy the beautiful nature. Better still, you may take this time to be ALONE. Just you and yourself. Either have this time to be happy or disappointed with yourself; self-examination. It helps.

This reminds me of Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata:“Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence…”

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The blog is about celebrating life in it's rawest sense. A place to share the joys, the pains and our little, painful uncomfortable experiences. Basically, a place to pour out.

6 thoughts on “Covid-19: Why staying home need not be boring

  1. Mummy I never thot of this… I need to recollect myself, call me,myself and I for a brief meeting once in a while during this quarantine break, think why things go astray, and try mend what’s mendable …. Go in that kitchen tuchapane na izo vyombo till I feel am okey and I’ve got all answers….

    Asante sana…


  2. Wow..i love the new you..informing n educating us who are glued in the house…thanks n may God bless your work


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