Hello September,

You have always been the month that awakens my soil
Your pattern has been super beautiful.
See, you gifted me a partner exactly a week before you bore me
Such a jubilant pattern I must observe!
But why did you allow a blot into this decoration?

Dad bowed out a week after you began

In this beautiful month, I got the most painful sting
The storm of grief is still striking
I’ve no word to describe my emotions yet
I hear they call it a whirlwind.

Some days have been hard and others have been fine
In this month I’ve lived “a minute at a time.”
I’m glad you are coming to an end
Those were minutes too many

But you see, my birthday comes at your end,
One I’ve waited for 29 years

Should I celebrate you?

I will put on that dress
I will show up for the party,
I will hail you
For the lives you borne and for the life you took.
I’m totally consoled by Terry Pratchett’s question:
“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”

Long live September! Long live dad!

Happy 30th Karimi.

Published by Karimi Writes

The blog is about celebrating life in it's rawest sense. A place to share the joys, the pains and our little, painful uncomfortable experiences. Basically, a place to pour out.

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