I’m terribly poor at introducing myself, but let me try; no frills, no grandiosity. I promise. I am Kenyan, born and raised in Meru, a place where mountains rise to meet mountains then kiss the sky; a place with the most surreal sunsets. The sight of the sun getting swallowed by the mountains is one relished memory of my childhood. Love gave me another home in Kisumu, the land of the great lake, Nam Lolwe.

I am a lover of life and all the goodness that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. I believe everyone deserves happiness, except that one must purpose to be happy and work towards it.

I teach English language and literature, and nothing is more fulfilling than discoursing literary masterpieces. I am not done with a text until I critique it. See you at the Book Club section in my blog. I am a postgrad student of communication and, to be honest, I would not wish the pressure on anyone.

Passion drives me. I am super passionate about cooking generally and baking in particular. I run a home bakery that I am really looking forward to expanding. I will definitely be sharing my home baking experiences.

I love little, quiet and personal spaces. Photography tickles me, especially when I am the subject. In this blog, a woman just found her happy place.


At a glance…

Hey Woman!

My womanhood is the crown I got. Hey Woman! will be a periodic blog post dedicated to women readers. It is a platform to celebrate our femininity and hold candid conversations about womanhood; issues that build us and those that break us.

Let’s Cook

What’s the best way to a man’s heart? Food. Well, it’s the best way to all hearts. And it is not enough to have a recipe; you’ve got to have the right one. Before you warm your way into that heart that you so desire, take out your camera and freeze the tantalising work of your hands into a lasting memory. Let’s indulge 🙂

Book Club

Nothing is more thrilling than the candid conversations ignited by the literature we consume. Books are the lighthouses in our minds. They empower. They emancipate. Welcome to the club and join me in travelling the world through the written word.

Today’s #Word

Hey woman!

Hope you are keeping well and closely following your plans for this year. Amidst all the chaos find your calm and remain focused on your set targets.

As you work, I dare you to dream of the unspeakable. It is time for us to drop “those Vanilla Ice Cream dreams.” If your plans do not give you fire in the belly, then retract and re-dream.

I remind you that complacency is the beginning of stagnation. And the only way to free yourself from those cages is to act and avoid feeling too comfortable.

Be daring in your dreams!!

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