How to mix it the cocktail way

Rarely do I have so much time in my hand like now. Working from home has meant eating, drinking and spending more time in the kitchen. As I advised in my previous post Covid-19: Why staying home need not be boring, this is the time to rock that recipe you have always wished you could tryContinue reading “How to mix it the cocktail way”

Plucking the roses of my marriage, three years later

Having been at it for three years now, I can share a corner table and talk matters marriage. I have both personal and observed experience about this monstrously joyous union. So if you are planning to walk down the aisle someday or already in this thrilling cage, welcome aboard. Let us sail through this puzzlingContinue reading “Plucking the roses of my marriage, three years later”

Light up your Easter with these tasty tea scones

This weekend, my husband and I would be spending quality time at the Elephant Bedroom Camp in Samburu. Our wedding anniversary is nearing and we thought the Easter weekend would be a perfect time to travel, thank God for a wonderful three years and be with the elephants. Ha ha! Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic hasContinue reading “Light up your Easter with these tasty tea scones”

Book Review: Half of a Yellow Sun

Let us talk about a phenomenal contemporary literary figure, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, or simply Chimamanda. My admiration for Chimamanda’s literary works is not pegged on any feministic undertones therein but on her language adornment skills, the relatable thematic concerns, the strong willed characters and the simple yet unpredictable plot.  I do not mean to sayContinue reading “Book Review: Half of a Yellow Sun”

Super easy recipe for super tasty cake

Back in the day, I would admire cake photos online and wonder if I would ever get to bake some cakes. I eventually enrolled for baking classes. Before this, I thought bakers did some magic to birth their cakes; that it was an extremely expensive affair. I believed they used sophisticated equipment that no ordinaryContinue reading “Super easy recipe for super tasty cake”

Covid-19: Why staying home need not be boring

I longed for such a time. A time to idle and just be free. A time to reconnect with family. School, work and wifely duties were taking a toll on me. Thoroughly.  I finally have the chance, thanks to the work-from-home directive in the wake of the confirmation of the new coronavirus in Kenya. ButContinue reading “Covid-19: Why staying home need not be boring”

We’re Going to Need More Wine

To be honest the bait for me was the title “WE’RE GOING TO NEED MORE WINE”. Wine is good you know! It calms a woman’s nerves. So in the beginning of the year, I grabbed this book and was thrilled by the mere imagination of more splashes into the glass. Secondly, I love Gabriel UnionContinue reading “We’re Going to Need More Wine”

Stories matter

The stereotypes we peddle and misconceptions we cling to are sometimes hilarious and most of the time hopeless. Overtime the society has carved single story perspectives about everything and everyone. For instance, I grew up being told stories of a community that feeds on people. Can you imagine I suffered from this misconception up toContinue reading “Stories matter”

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