How to mix it the cocktail way

Karimi Writes

Rarely do I have so much time in my hand like now. Working from home has meant eating, drinking and spending more time in the kitchen. As I advised in my previous post Covid-19: Why staying home need not beboring, this is the time to rock that recipe you have always wished you could try out but did not have time for, or that which you have always considered a preserve of the swanky eateries and pubs.

Sampling cocktails is among my best hobbies in normal times. I love the magical infusion of taste and colour in a glass mix. I did not imagine that these pricey drinks could be prepared right inside our own kitchens. I considered them special and difficult to make. So I have been exploring this path lately and, girl, I am thrilled to have brewed the taste of heaven in my kitchen.

It pleases…

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